A SEO Entrepeneur, Digital Investor & Business Owner Who is always looking to invest in digital assets

"Don't be scared to fail - Be consistent & disciplined and the results should come, don't give your word and not follow through."

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Who Is Karl Hudson?

My Name is Karl Hudson. I have been involved in SEO since I was 14 years old. Initially got involved to help my parents who are life coaches/hypnotherapists. Fast forward 15+ years and I have helped gambling companies reach high 7-figure annual revenue streams, built multiple brands with many business partners, helped my brother build a successful AC business and always looking to invest in more digital properties and ventures online.

I have gained variety of skills over the years from SEO, Reputation management and built a wealth of experience in digital marketing.

I now invest in various digital assets such as websites, agencies & SAAS products.

Here are a list of assets that I am involved with:

The list of brands will no doubt get bigger over the years.

“Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life, find people who you love to do it with and you will have a joyful ride.”

Karl Hudson – Investor, Entrepreneur, SEO

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