WP Eagle & Karl Hudson

I recently done a podcast with (WP Eagle) Alex Cooper.

We spoke about various things from Lead Generation, Affiliate websites & how to monetise your website.

Watch the full episode here:

Full Podcast Between Karl Hudson & WP Eagle (Alex Cooper)

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First Time I Met Alex Cooper

I met Alex Cooper for the first time in earlier in 2023 at Affiliate Gathering 2023.

I first appeared on his YouTube channel then for a quick interview which we spoke briefly about affiliate gathering and what we had took away from the talks.

Affiliate Gathering 2023 Karl Hudson Interview With WP Eagle (Alex Cooper)

Alex Cooper Search Birmingham 2

Here is another video which Karl Hudson features in and speaks about what SEOs should be looking out for in 2023

Who Is Alex Cooper/ WP Eagle?

Alex Cooper is a niche website affiliate owner he actively showcases what he does on his YouTube Channel. He is the owner of wpeagle.com.

WPEagle shows tutorials on his YouTube and blog on how you can earn money from a website.

Alex has sold various websites and truly understands SEO & how to earn money from a website.

If you are looking for a solid YouTuber to follow for SEO & WordPress tips make sure to check out his website and the YouTube Channel.

Quote From WP Eagle

SEO today is about high-quality content and high quality links being created and published on a consistent basis

WP Eagle (Alex Cooper)

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