Craig Campbell SEO & Karl Hudson

Craig Campbell is a well-respected SEO based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I first met Craig Campbell in Liverpool back in 2019.

Since then, we have kept in touch, and Craig has seen me grow from an employee at my job to an entrepreneur.

What Does Craig Campbell Do?

Craig used to own an SEO agency many years ago; he quickly realised he didn’t like the agency life and decided to focus more on SEO Consultancy. He transitioned into more of a teacher in SEO, releasing multiple courses and guides on his YouTube channel.

Craig has since spoken at numerous well-respected conferences around the world; Craig’s expertise in running an agency, affiliate marketing and selling websites is highly regarded as expert knowledge, and thousands of people travel to see him speak yearly.

Is Craig Campbell an actor?

Yes, Craig Campbell is an actor. He is famously known for starring in Crime Lord. Here is Craig’s IMDB page.

Craig Campbell & Karl Hudson Podcast 1

Here is the podcast I first featured with Craig; this podcast was very early in my SEO career.

Craig Campbell SEO & Karl Hudson Podcast Getting Started in SEO.

Craig Campbell & Karl Hudson Podcast 2

This is podcast number 2 with Craig, this was recorded at the start of 2023 and as you can see, I am way more advanced than the podcast I was originally in back in 2019.

Craig Campbell SEO Social Media

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